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Nordic travellers are affluent, sophisticated, demanding and very selective. Spending habits, travel patterns and platforms, research capabilities, and the experience of travelling as a whole have changed dramatically over recent years. New generations are entering the market and ready to crowd airports, train stations and cruise ports. They expect excellence and a wide selection of options at the best value. You must be ready for the new face of the high-end market. However, representation business remains configured by the same types of people, same business models, same marketing ideas that have been around servicing the same type of traveler as they did many years ago. There is a need for development of new methods that will match the consumers’ willingness to spend. Da Gama approach the high-end Nordic travel industry in a completely new way. Discover the difference.

 We work directly with individual high end resorts , small lodges in remote places with a 5 star heart and soul, smaller guest houses, hotels with a 5 star personality. With these we want to help them increase visitor nights (always the bottom line) coming from the Nordic Countries.

 We partner with the best Tourism Companies, DMC also called, worldwide to augment their yield from the Nordic Countries, according to the plans and deliverables that we co-develop.
We work with Trade offices, Ministries of Tourism in selected countries, we aim to boost and enhance their various revenue enhancement plans and strategies. This is for Representation, Public Relations, Marketing and Sales – or whatever the best combination of these offerings is needed by our clients. Every arrangement is customized and very well defined.
Please contact us, we will always look at your company small or big, to see if we in any way can help you to increase your share of the visitors that travels to your area in the world. References on request.


DaGama Travelweb is a Representation, PR, Marketing and Sales organisation active in the travel, tourism and meeting industry. The company forms collaborative partnering with global companies within the trade to increase their yield from the Nordic countries and enhance the market awareness.

The strengths of DaGama Travelweb are in particular the market intelligence, the vast industry knowledge and the many years of experience that the people of DaGama possess. The proven methodology used is constantly being refined and adapted to aim for the best possible ROI for the clients of DaGama Travelweb. Hard work and pragmatism to achieve the goals and objectives set are the DaGama Travelweb catchwords.

Founded in 2008 by Birgitta Andersson, DaGama Travelweb is today a network based organisation with associated partners in the Nordic Countries,  with expertise in sales, marketing and PR from hotel-, travel-, tourism-, airline-, travel technology- and travel distribution industries.


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DaGama Travelweb är en representation-, PR-, marknadsförings organisation verksam inom rese-, turism- och mötesindustrin. Bolaget bildar partnerskap med globala företag för att öka deras avkastning från den nordiska marknaden och öka marknadens medvetenhet om deras utbud.

DaGama Travelwebs styrkor är framförallt information och kunskap om marknadens aktörer, den stora och djupa branschkunskapen samt den långa erfarenheten människorna hos DaGama Travelweb besitter. De beprövade metoder som används, förfinas ständigt och anpassas för att uppnå bästa möjliga ROI för DaGamas uppdragsgivare. Hårt arbete och pragmatism för att uppnå de fastställda målen för uppdragsgivarna är DaGamas ledord.

DaGama Travelweb grundades 2008 av Birgitta Andersson och är idag en nätverksbaserad organisation med associerade partners i de fyra Nordiska länderna med kompetens inom försäljning, marknadsföring och PR från Hotell-, rese-, turism- och flygindustrin samt även inom online och distributionstjänster.




DaGama Travelweb

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